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Samuel Adams Brewery Pennsylvania, USA

  • Master Planning

  • Conceptual Design and Tendering Documents for:

  1. The extension of the tank farm

  2. The yeast management center

  3. The clear malt base production

  4. Two new filtration lines

  • Commissioning support for the new tank farm and 2 new filtration lines

  • Conceptual Design of the ingredients kitchen

Samuel Adams Cincinnati Brewery, USA

  • Tendering Documents for the extension of the tank farm

  • Solutions Outline the yeast handling

Boston Brewery, USA

  • Master Plan and Conceptual Design for the upgrading of the malt handling and the brewhouse

Alchemy & Science, USA

  • Master Plans for 2 small scale breweries

MillerCoors, USA

  • Master Plan

Royal Unibrew, Denmark

  • Master Planning

  • Conceptual Design and Tendering Documents for syrup kitchen

  • Tender Documents for new mash tuns

COWI A/S, Denmark

  • Proposal support

Hue Brewery LTD, S.R. Vietnam

  • Design to Tender

Skala Prosessteknikk, Norway

  • Proposal for modernization/upgrading of a fish food factory


Nuuk Imeq, Greenland

  • Replacement of packaging equipment


Carlsberg Breweries A/S, Denmark


  • Evaluation of re-establishment costs for breweries in Europe and Russia




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